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Why Hydro Gainer™?

In the fitness industry, there seems to be a new trend every month. Whether it’s a new training methodology, new fitness class, or new piece of equipment sold to you on the shopping channel, the trends are endless. Unfortunately, a lot of them are short-lived, and for good reason.

One trend that’s here to stay, however, is the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag. This innovative piece of fitness equipment utilizes the power of water in conjunction with standard weight training to provide you with a workout like you’ve never experienced before.

With the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag, every work out is a new experience and a different challenge which can benefit you in multiple ways. Here are the three main benefits you can take away from using the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag:

1. Full-Body Workout

Firstly, and likely the most obvious is that it provides an incredible full-body workout. While bodyweight exercises are great for several reasons, research suggests that incorporating weight-bearing activity into your regimen is most optimal.

The Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag is a versatile piece of equipment that utilizes feedback from the unpredictable movement of water and thus challenges the user during any given movement in a variety of ways.

Not only does it force the user to activate secondary musculature, but it also forces them to engage the core, intensely focus on the movement at hand, and thus provides a stimulus unlike any other full-body workout out there.

2. Rehab and Recovery

If you’ve ever been to physiotherapy or have dealt with an injury of any kind, you’re likely familiar with the idea that strengthening an injury requires diligent and intentional exercise through targeted and challenging (yet safe) movement patterns.

Having an injured patient hold the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag in a particular position requires them to balance the water. Not only does this inherently recruit the smaller muscles that have likely been damaged and weakened during the injury, but also allows for movement pattern adaptions that have been impaired by the injury.

3. Balance and Coordination

The Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag acts as a fantastic mechanism for improving balance and coordination. As described earlier, this is largely thanks to the chaotic and unpredictable movement of the water in combination with performing a difficult exercise.

By implementing the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag into any given exercise or active movement pattern, you’re inherently forced to practice stability, whether on your feet or pressing through your arms. The ultimate result? A stronger core, and a greater balance and coordination threshold!

Overall, Whether your goal is to improve sports performance, build muscle, tone, or lose weight, the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag can help!

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