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Instruction Manual

Compared with regular fixed weight sandbags, the Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag can work your muscles much more efficiently by making you unsteadily bear your weight in real time. Because of the unpredictability of the water movement, no repetition is ever the same. You can do a wide variety of different exercises to work on different muscles. The Aqua Bag will revolutionize your regular workouts.

aqua bag

Simple 4 Steps Set Up

1. Open the water filler cap
step 1
2. Push the valve spring switch to fill in water
step 2
3. Push the spring switch again. Close the Valve, fill with air.
step 3
4. Close the water filler cap.
step 4

Product Specifications
Color: Transparent
Material: PVC
15kg Max weight - Diameter 16cm, Length 75cm
20kg Max weight - Diameter 20cm, Length 75cm
25kg Max weight - Diameter 25cm, Length 75cm

Packing List
1 x Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag
1 x Pedal Air Pump
1 x Instruction Manual

List of Exercises You Can Do With The Aqua Bag

List of exercises


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