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Customer Testimonials

See what our happy customers think of the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag!

Fun, Challenging Work out 

I really like this product. I filled mine about half way full and pumped the rest with air. My wife and I use the Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag for workouts where we try to strengthen our core. The swishing water makes it more challenging than a standard kettle bell or weight. Highly recommended to add to your workouts.


Perfect For Home Gyms

I was quite fascinated when I saw this product as to how it can be effectively given like gym equipment but trust me it does do give great strength training.

Best part of it is that its very portable. When it’s empty, you can simply fold it up to bring with you. I can do all sorts of movements, like lifts, swings, curls, step-ups, and rows with this Aqua bag.


Great Training Tools Addition

 I really like how versatile this bag is. While performing movements the water moving around inside adds dynamic force, causing you to engage your core and use more muscle fibers to remain steady throughout the movement. Easy to fill, easy to pump. A great product overall.


Spice Up Your Regular Workout

The motion of the water really makes you engage your core and work on your form while exercising. I think this is a great piece of equipment for beginners because the uneven weight distribution of the water makes you fix your form and engage your core. Also you can add more water for more weight as your progress. I bought one for my dad for Father’s Day and he loves it too. 


Love The Resistance Of The Water And Trying To Maintain Control

 I recently got a water rower for my apartment and I love the feeling of resistance from the water and hearing the sound of the water as well. I wanted to add some weight lifting to my workout in between rowing sets but I didn't want to order a bunch of weights so the Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag is perfect for me. It provides the water-resistance that allows to me really focus control on maintaining the balance when I work out and the sound of the water sloshing is so soothing to me that it actually makes working out a more relaxing and meditative experience.


Ingenious Weight Training Device

 I have no clue as to when this kind of device was created but if you want to have a portable (and safe) weight-training system-- this should be in your arsenal.

The Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag is a simple water-filled weight device that you can use anywhere and anytime. Gone are the days of only having those heavy cast iron dumbbells and weights to train with. You can use this bag to do all sorts of muscle-training exercises and it's so easy to do.


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